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The metaverse is changing many things, but the needs of humans are not one of them.

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

The new talk of the town is metaverse. Although it is relatively new, and we are all still figuring out what it is and is not, the consensus is that it is here to stay – at least for the foreseeable future. Of course, the business world and the brands are trying to make sense of it. There are already some like Gucci who started capitalizing on metaverse to reach its audiences. Others will follow suit, as the immediate question that comes to mind for many is how brands can profit from this new world.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the metaverse is a very innovative platform that will require, by design, those who wish to have a presence there to be equally innovative in their ways. Because, as we all know, the context can frequently define what the content should be like.

Every outlet has its own rules and what works and what doesn't. Metaverse is slowly but surely defining its own success rules and factors. However, while the metaverse evolves, we should all keep in mind that we are still talking to human beings at the end of the day. Although needs change according to the circumstances, the main needs of people remain more or less constant. What changes is how they satisfy those needs. So, even in the metaverse world, when the brands are laying out their strategies, they should still consider their audiences' essential needs and wants as they have always done before. Everything else follows suit.

In essence, the role of strategic thinking and wanting to build your brand identity based on your vision for your brand with your audience's guidance will remain valid. So, traditional marketing thinking, do not fret; there will still be a lot of use for you in the near future. Brands will still need to develop their brand ID, have a brand house and marketing strategy, and, very importantly, work from a clear brand purpose. And because of the increased complexity of the marketplace – more than ever.

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